Environmental Policy

Canpar Express is committed to environmental protection through managing our operations in a manner that will ensure the well-being of the environment and all of Canpar Express’s employees. Canpar Express is very proud of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification awarded to our Toronto sort facility. LEED Certification is awarded to buildings that have demonstrated the design and functions to support a greener environment. To fulfill this goal Canpar Express will implement and maintain management systems in order to:

  • Meet and exceed the requirements of all applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • Promote ownership, responsibility, and accountability for environmental protection and management among all employees
  • Increase employee awareness of environmental issues through training and communication programs
  • Contribute to conservation of resources through minimization programs in energy, materials, and water consumption
  • Minimize environmental impact of operations through management programs aimed at minimizing waste generation, air emissions and effluent discharges
  • Continually improve environmental performance through setting and reviewing measurable performance objectives, and reporting results against these objectives
  • 30% of our delivery fleet operates on propane