How to Label

Canpar Express facilities use state-of-the-art technology to sort your packages. This automated sortation process ensures proper sorting and virtually eliminates damage.

In order to achieve optimum service, it is critical that we are able to scan your packages correctly. In order to maximize this automated process please ensure you follow the guidelines below:

  1. Make certain your computer printer has a sufficient supply of ink or toner to ensure barcodes are clearly printed.
  2. Apply all barcoded labels on a completely flat surface on the exterior of the package. Note: for better tracking visibility, please refrain from applying the label over tape as it does not adhere properly and may come loose from the package while in transit.
  3. Please check the barcodes to avoid wrinkles or scuffs.
  4. If you are re-using a box, please remove all old barcoded labels from the box. This will ensure your package is correctly sorted by the most current label.
  5. When using tubes or round packaging, ensure labels lay along the straight edge.

Things to avoid when labelling your package:

Do not cover the label with packaging straps, tape, shrink wrap or cellophane.

Do not apply any barcoded labels on box seams.

Do not apply the label over the corner or edge of the box.

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